Chicago Celebrates Pothole Season with Towing Service on Speed Dial


Tis the season when driving the streets of Chicago becomes a bit more treacherous. As a flux of freezing and unfreezing begins, potholes make they’re dreaded appearance up and down the roads of Chicago.

Get Your Local Chicago Towing Service on Speed Dial

In honor of this not so joyous season we come bearing a gift. 1-773-600-1472.  The phone Low Cost Cheap Towing in Chicagonumber of your local Chicago towing service dressed in a pretty red and just waiting to be added to your phone’s speed dial.

We know it’s not much to look at right now but when you’re cruising down Lake Shore Drive at 2:30am on a Saturday night and you hear the jolting sound of your Michelin being engulfed by a pothole, that phone number there might be the nicest gift you’ve laid eyes on since the Kabbage Patch Doll you opened as a 7 year old.

That number can be favorably compared to the Bat Signal that Gotham City broadcasts when they’re in dire need of help.

We won’t show up in a Batmobile but we will show up in a clean, well-equipped tow truck at a moment’s notice, anywhere in the city of Chicago or the neighboring suburbs.

24 Hour Towing Help When Your Car has Been Damaged by a Pothole

Because you never know when and where they’ll appear, we offer 24 hour towing and roadside assistance services for any Chicago motorist who’s had their vehicle damaged by a pothole.

We’ll quickly come to your location, be it the West, North or South side of Chicago, and assess your situation. We can change out a damaged tire with your spare and get you back about your business. We can supply you with a new tire if the spare isn’t viable or if the damage is more substancial we can load it onto our tow truck and take it to your local auto repair shop, our repair shop or any destination of your choosing.

Why are We Giving Gifts When You Don’t Even Know Us?

As a long-time local towing service in Chicago we’ve witnessed firsthand what kind of damage the potholes can do to cars. We’ve also witnessed these frustrated vehicle owners become victims of predatory towing companies who see this as an opportunity to pad their bottom line.

As our online reviews will show we are a local company that relishes it’s “knight in shining armor role”.  Yes, it’s our livelihood and a way to take care of our families but our truest satisfaction is getting you and your vehicle safely to the best possible place for both. We promise to accomplish this at a reasonable price and in the shortest amount of time possible.

We think it’s the nicest gift we can give a fellow Chicagoan during another pothole season.

You Made it Home Safe and Sound, Now What?

So you made it home on the spare tire or your car is resting comfortably at a repair shop. Now what, who’s reponsible for the damage to your car caused by yet another Chicago pothole.

You can find claim forms and answers to your pothole questions at You’ll need to send in the vehicle damage claim form, a police report and two written estimates or your paid repair bill to:

Office of the City Clerk
Attn: Claims
121 N. LaSalle St, Room 107
Chicago, IL 60602-1295

 Good luck and please call us for any of your Chicago towing service needs.