Chicago South Side Towing

Click here – 1-773-600-1472 – on your mobile for towing in Chicago starting at just $55!

Your Local Chicago South Side Towing Company

Getting a tow truck on the South side of Chicago isn’t always the easiest task. Many of the Towing service Chicago South sidecompanies you see at the top of Google when you’re looking for a tow truck just don’t want to come out this way. Blame it on Jim Croce or Bad bad Leroy Brown.

We’ve made a home for our towing company on Chicago’s South side and have been providing fast, low cost towing & roadside assistance to Southsiders for over 12 years.

24 Hour Towing Service on Chicago’s South Side

From Bridgeport to Hyde Park to the South Shore we can provide impossibly fast and affordable 24 hour towing, jump starts, flat tire changes and a host of other emergency vehicle services.

To start, if you’re having car issues on the South side of Chicago, we’re a local towing service that is right here on the border of Washington Park & Hyde Park. You can call us no matter the hour and we can have a tow truck to your location in a matter of minutes.

The fast short trip means it cost less to get to you, which means it going to cost you less for the tow. In fact we have what we’re pretty certain are the lowest towing rates on Chicago’s South side.

We have a “whatever it takes” mentality that is so prevalent among residents of Chicago’s South side. If it’s a matter of having a tow truck driver roll out of bed at 2am on Saturday night because you’re car won’t start, we’ll be there, 24/7.

Click here – 1-773-600-1472 – on your mobile for towing in Chicago starting at just $55!


One thought on “Chicago South Side Towing

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a towing company in the area to tow an old broken down car out of my driveway. I just need it hauled to the closest auto wrecker in the area. Would you guys be able to do that? Thanks for your help!


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